Piaggio X10 350



X10 is the contemporary expression of Piaggio design. This evolution of the GT genre boasts equally innovative style: alternating concave and convex surfaces flow harmoniously into one another in a uniquely original wave motion, which is emphasised by the satin finish strip running the length of the body, giving the scooter a sense of dynamism and power. At the front is a triple headlamp, with two complex surface reflectors for the low beam lights; this is coupled with a poly-elliptical central high beam light flanked by an elegant LED strip daytime running light, for illuminating power which is 10% better than an equivalently sized conventional headlight array. The LED technology strip – a first in the scooter world – serves as a daytime running light and produces a continuous beam of light. The horizontal taillight with its two slender strips of LEDs gives the tail of the X10 a unique and original character.  At the rear, the bodywork concludes in a short, coupé-inspired tail that continues seamlessly from the flank. The full-body paintwork – a unique feature in this class – enhances the fluidity of the forms and the continuity of the automobile-inspired surfacing, accentuating the compact, dynamic looks of the X10.

1 day 3 days 7 days
40€ 110€ 215€
Consumption 3,8 l./100 km
Autonomy 430 km
Total weight 116 kg
Maximum Power 33 CV a 8.250 rpm
Deposit (Petrol tank) 15 l